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In Fall 2013, I teach three classes:              CURRENT SCHEDULE

Courses taught at URI

  • MTH-099 (Algebra and Trig.)
  • MTH-107 (Finite Math)
  • MTH-111 (Pre Calc)
  • MTH-131 (Appl Calc I)
  • MTH-141 (Calculus I)
  • MTH-142 (Calculus II)
  • MTH-243 (Calculus III)
  • MTH-244(Diff. Equa.)
  • MTH-437 (Adv Calc I)
  • MTH-438 (Adv Calc II)
  • MTH-572 (NMPDE)
  • MTH-441 (Intro PDEs)
  • MTH-362 (Calc for Eng)
  • MTH-513 (Lin Algebra>
  • MTH-132 (Appl Calc II>

  • o     I enjoy teaching, and I like my students!     o

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