Projects For The History Of Mathematics
Fall 1998
Coordinator: Dr. M. Kulenovic
Implementation: Samantha S. Benetti and Dr. M. Kulenovic

At the University of Rhode Island, the History of Mathematics course, Mth 381, is a general survey course in development and the philosophy of mathematics.  It provides a cultural background and foundation for advanced study in various branches of the subject.
    This site was created by Dr. M. Kulenovic, and the students enrolled in Math 381 during the fall semester of 1998.  This was written as their final project.
    Our site was created to give a computer presentation which anyone with some mathematical background could find beneficial.  This course focuses on the great theories of twentieth-century mathematicians. Throughout our site, we have created many links that have pertinence in the development of mathematics.  There are links to mathematicians, theories, example problems, and outside sites.  We have also created pictures and animation's which guide you and help to understand the purpose of these complex theories.
    The text book used was "Five Golden Rules", written by John Casti and:

 is intended to tell the general reader about mathematics by showcasing five of the finest achievements of mathematician's art in this century.  The overall plan of the book is to look at a few of the biggest problems mathematicians have solved in the 20th-century and, how they have been solved, and most importantly why the solutions matter - and not just to mathematicians.(Casti,ix)
    Pairs of students were assigned a topic to research and design a nice web page.


William D.Romanski & Debra A. Wrobleski  Halting Theory
Sadie J. Gillett & Joseph L Parham Game Theory
Greg R. Arpin & Joseph F. Disana  Simplex Method
Robert R. Cartwright & William P. Tocco III  Fixed Point Theory
Micheal P. Cordeiro & M.R.S. Kulenovic Morse Theory

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