MTH 442
Introduction to Difference Equations

Course Information and Syllabus, Spring 2014




M. R. S. Kulenovic and Orlando Merino,  Discrete Dynamical Systems and Difference Equations with Mathematica
Chapman&Hall/CRC Press, 2002.    


Lecture Notes  by   M. R. S. Kulenovic and O. Merino 

Prerequisites:  MTH 142, 243

Exams and Grading:

Course grade will be determined based on homework,  quizzes, mid-term and final exams, Mathematica  projects and the final project. 

The exams could be in part of the take home variety.


TWO TESTS: 50 percent 

Mathematica PROJECTS, QUIZZES, AND HOMEWORK: 30 percent

FINAL PROJECT: 20 percent 

The topics that will be covered are:

basic theory for linear difference equations
stability theory
periodic points
chaos for first order difference equations
global dynamics for second order difference equations

Computer Requirements

The use of computer algebra systems Mathematica is required. Mathematica worksheets dealing with the different problems in theory will be provided and demonstrated in the class. The textbooks comes with simulation package Dynamica  which will be used for all simulation purposes. No programming is needed. Most of the exams will require some Mathematica calculation.

Instructor: Dr. M. Kulenovic                               Office: Lippitt 202D

Phone: 874-4436                                           
Online information: or

Office hours: M,W,F: 11-12  and by appointment. 

Time:  M,W,F: 10-10:50

Place: Lippitt 205  

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