MTH 244/3
 Differential Equations
Spring 2004/URI

Text: Ordinary Differential Equations by Finizio and Ladas, Simon and Schuster, Third Edition

Exams and Grading: Your grade will be based on three tests, a final exam, and classwork as follows: 

Three tests at 100 points each 300 points 
Final exam 150 points
Classwork 150 points
Total 600 points

Calculators and Computers: As in Calculus Courses you will need a programmable graphing calculator. You are encouraged to use the CAS (computer algebra system) such as Maple, Livemath, and Scientific Notebook and online programs that can be found on Internet. We will give a brief introduction to such resources.Some Maple notebooks will be provided and demonstrated in the class. Third exam will be Maple-aid exam.

Course Description: In MTH 244 we study ordinary differential equations in greater details than in the calculus courses. This subject has wide applications in the physical sciences, engineering, statistics, and economics, as well as leading to many advanced areas of mathematics itself. You will find that there are new algebraic ideas to master.  

The homework problems are the core of this course. An important purpose of the problems is to make you think through and master the ideas of the subject so that you can confidently apply your knowledge in new situations. You will learn a great deal from honest hard work on a problem, even if you don't succeed in solving it. Read the text material before working on the problems.
The exams will reflect the variety of the homework problems. It is important that you give these problems adequate time and effort.

Classwork: The distribution of the 150 points will include quizzes and Maple assignments.
Online information: and

Instructor: Dr. M. Kulenovic, Tyler 216,  X4436,                            e-mail:

Office hours: MW:  1-2, F11-12.     Time: MWF: 12-1          Room: Kelley 102                                             


Sections  Homework Problems Exams/Events
1.1 5,9,14,18,25
1.2 3,10 
1.3 1,11,19,20,24,33
1.4 5,7,17,31,35,41,44,46
1.5 1,5,11,15,23,25,29,32,41
1.6 1,7,12,19,23,29 
1.7 3,12
1.8 1,5
2.2 3,7,8,30,33,41
2.3 1,7,11
2.4 5,7,11,19,35
2.5 5,20,23,35,47
2.7 7,11,19,31,37
2.8 5,7,14,29 Exam 1 
2.9 5,10,14
2.10 7,11,19,23
2.11 1,7,14,23,29,41
2.12 5,7,11,23
3.1 5,7,11,29
3.2 5,7,11,19
3.3 5,7,19,23,29,35
4.2 4,7,14,28,31,49
4.3 5,7,28,31 
5.2 7,11,19 Exam 2 
5.3 7,11,14
5.4 4,7,19,20
5.5 7,11,23,29
6.1 1,7,11
6.2 5,7 
7.2 5,7
7.3 4,7 Exam 3 

Sample Maple notebooks:

HTML format:

 Solving First and Second Order ODE

Maple  format:

Solving First and Second Order ODE 

Series Solutions of  ODE   

Numerical Solutions of  ODE

Maple  assignments

Maple assignment #1  

Maple assignment #2

Maple assignment #3

Links for Differential Equations material:

Interesting Java applets for Differential Equations 

Interactive Differential Equations set of applets for Differential Equations

Elementary Differential Equations
 by Douglas Meade - nice collection of Maple programs

Complete Maple animation of  free and forced harmonic oscillations 

Complete Maple animation of two pendulums coupled by spring

Complete Maple animation of bouncing ball

Complete Maple Animation of Gyroscopic Motion

Dynamics Lab a Maple package for simulation of dynamical systems