Fundamentals of Precalculus

MTH 111 Precalculus

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Definition of Precalculus

James Baglama
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Monday (6/16) MTH111 Precalculus class will start at 7pm. We will cover sections 4.3 and 4.4, a short break, review, and then Exam 3.


Course Material


Fundamentals of Precalculus 2nd edition, by M. Dugopolski, Pearson Publishing (Custom Edition for URI or standard edition)


MW 6pm - 9:45pm Providence Shepard building room 442


A calculator is not needed on exams. Exam permitted calculator.


Exams and Grade Evaluation

3 Exams 300 pts, 100 pts each
Final Exam 200 pts
Worksheets 50 pts
Quizzes 50 pts
TOTAL 600 pts

Spring 2014 review sheets for exams.

You may use your notes for in class quizzes. Problems for quizzes are taken from the suggested homework set of problems given on the Calendar.


A (92% - 100%) A- (90% - 91%) B+ (87% - 89%) B (82% - 86%) B- (80% - 81%) C+ (77% - 79%)
C (72% - 76%) C- (70% - 71%) D+ (67% - 69%) D (60% - 66%) F (0% - 59%)
Compute Grade -> (your total points)/600 * 100 = your percentage


Precalculus Competency Areas (PCA)

MTH 111 is a demanding course for students. The primary goal of MTH 111 is to prepare you for calculus (MTH131 or MTH141). The calculus sequence is often an essential step toward degree and career objectives, so MTH 111 is also such a step. Thus MTH 111 is aimed at the student for whom it will be the first of an important series of courses rather than a last math course. This course is NOT a good choice simply to fulfill a general education requirement. It demands a very substantial amount of hard work for 3 credits. In order to succeed in this course and future math courses, you will have to master the following 10 Precalculus Competency Areas (PCA).


Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Definition of Precalculus

The primary aim of MTH 111 is to prepare students for calculus by providing an introduction to functions, properties of functions and various types of functions. MTH 111 is an intense preparation and lays the groundwork for the Calculus sequence at URI. Learning Outcomes: At the end of the course the student should be able to:


Attendance and Advice

The math department expects that you will give this course 12-14 hours per week of your undivided attention, in addition to class time. You should attend all classes. However, no direct point values will be associated with attendance. The key to success in this course is the problem material. It is very important that you try all the assigned problems listed on the syllabus. The problems chosen for each textbook section indicate what we feel is important in that section and which ideas and skills you should focus on. Also, an important part of this course is strengthening your algebra skills and using them in new ways. Much of your success in precalculus depends on your grasp of basic algebra - be prepared to review basic algebra and seek help as needed.


Students with Disabilities

Any student with a documented disability should contact your instructor early in the semester so that he or she may work out reasonable accommodations with you to support your success in this course. Students should also contact Disability Services for Students: Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.



The Sakai site will contain your grades. You can access Sakai at the following web address: Use your e-campus id and your URI Webmail password.