MTH 438 Advanced Calculus and Applications II

Spring 2014 - Course Webpage

James Baglama
Office: Lippitt Hall 202H
Department of Mathematics
Phone: 401.874.4412

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Students with Disabilities

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Course Information

Text:  Vector Calculus 5th edition, by J. E. Marsden and A. J. Tromba
Graphing Calculators:  You may use a calculator for homework and exams to do routine calculations.
Class Time:  12:00 pm - 12:50 pm MWF
Location:  Washburn Hall 133
Section number:  01
Prerequisites:  MATH 437 Advanced Calculus and Applications


Exams and Grade Evaluation
Exam I Friday February 21
Exam II Wednesday April 2
Final Exam Friday May 9
11:30am - 2:30pm

A (92% - 100%) A- (90% - 91%) B+ (87% - 89%) B (82% - 86%) B- (80% - 81%) C+ (77% - 79%)
C (72% - 76%) C- (70% - 71%) D+ (67% - 69%) D (60% - 66%) F (0% - 59%)
Compute Grade -> (your total points)/500 * 100 = your percentage

Homework will be assigned each class period. Each day we will spend time going over homework problems. I will collect and grade homework problems. The list of homework problems can be found on the lecture outline, Homework Homework must be stapled, have your name, list of problems, and chapter and section number. I will not accept messy homework. I will give one warning, after that I will assign a grade of zero. I will not accept any late homework. Also, a grade of zero will be assigned to incomplete homework assignments including assignments turned in with answers copied from the back of the book. Your final homework grade is based on a percentage of 100 points, i.e. (total hw pts you earned)/(total hw pts)*100.


Students with Disabilities

Any student with a documented disability should contact your instructor early in the semester so that he or she may work out reasonable accommodations with you to support your success in this course. Students should also contact Disability Services for Students: Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.



The Sakai site will contain your grades and have some links. You can access Sakai at the following web address: Use your e-campus id and your URI Webmail password.