Chapter 2 Video Podcasts and Lecture Notes

Reading Assignment Video Lecture Notes
2.1 Hamiltonian
pages 36 - 42
Section 2.1
Section 2.1
Lecture notes
2.2 Traveling Salesman
pages 42 - 43
Section 2.2 and
Section 2.3
Section 2.2 and
Section 2.3
Lecture notes
2.3 Helping Traveling
pages 43 - 47
2.4 Minimum-Cost
Spanning Trees
pages 47 - 52
Section 2.4
Section 2.4
Lecture notes
2.5 Critical Path Analysis
pages 53 - 57
Section 2.5
Section 2.5
Lecture notes

Quiz 2 Chapter 2 (Sakai-> Tests & Quizzes)

  • The quiz for Chapter 2 will only be available from 12:00am May 26 - 11:55pm May 31.
  • The quiz will consist of 10 multiple choice questions.
  • You will have a maximum of two hours to complete the quiz.
  • You will be allow two tries. The computer will only accept the last score. If you are happy with your score on the first try, do not try again. I cannot change your grade back.
  • Failure to take a quiz in the given time slot will be given a zero. No exceptions!

Homework Assignments (Sakai-> Assignments)

  • Chapter 2
    pages 62 - 71 Problems 4, 7, 12, 26, 34, 46a, 55, 74
    Due by 11:55 pm Thursday May 31. Use the Assignments tool to submit homework.
  • I am only collecting the even problems. Do a similar odd problem and all of the Skill Check problems to make sure you understand the concepts. The answers to the odd problems and the Skill Check problems are in the back of the book!!
  • I will NOT accept homework with answers only.

Companion Website

  • Go to the companion website and navigate to applets for chapter 2.
    • Click on the Kruskal's Algorithm applet
    • Click on Traveling Salesman Problem - Nearest Neighbor Algorithm applet
    • Click on Traveling Salesman Problem - Sorted Edges Algorithm applet
  • In the companion website navigate to Video Clips for chapter 2 and click on Strategies for Solving the TSP and Minimum-Cost Spanning Trees

Discussion Topic (Sakai-> Forums)

  • Select a topic to respond.
    • Topic 1: The Traveling Salesman Problem is one of the most intensively studied problems in mathematics. Why? What is the history behind the problem? What are the applications? How would improve the movie Strategies for Solving the TSP on the companion website, i.e. what would you do differently?
    • Topic 2: Discuss how the nearest neighbor method differs from the sorted edges method. How are they similar? How are they different? Why might one be preferred over the other?
    • Topic 3: What is Kruskal's algorithm? Give an application not yet mentioned in the Forum nor in the text and explain why Kruskal's algorithm is a good way to find the needed solution for your application.
    • Topic 4: What is critical path analysis? Give an example of its use not yet mentioned in this forum nor in the text and explain why critical path analysis is a good choice for your application.
  • Discussion for Chapter 2 will open at 12:00 am Saturday May 26.
  • You are required to participate in the discussion boards.
  • Discussion topic will end at 11:55 pm Thursday May 31.
  • See the syllabus on the grading rubric for discussions.

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For All Practical Purposes

The required textbook, "For All Practical Purposes", 9th edition by COMAP, Publisher W.H. Freeman. Do NOT use an older edition. All students must have either a phyiscal copy of the textbook or an ebook.Click on the textbook above to go to the ebook.

For All Practical Purposes Campanion Site

The required textbook, The textbook "For All Practical Purposes", 9th edition by COMAP,Publisher W.H. Freeman has a campanion website. The campanion website contains a lot helpful material,e.g. Java Applets, falshcards, practice quizzes. The site can be accessed via the link Campanion or click on the picture above to go to the campanion website.