MTH 141 Introductory Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Fall 2010 - Course Webpage

Course Coordinator:
James Baglama
Office: Lippitt Hall 101A
Department of Mathematics
Phone: 401.874.4412


  • Final Exam Friday December 17 from 7:00pm-10:00pm
  • ALL calculus sections will take the exam in Edwards Aud.
  • Final exam will cover the whole semester.
  • Review session for the Final Exam
    • Wednesday, December 15, in Bliss 305 from 3:00pm - 4:30pm.
  • No calculators are allowed for this exam.
  • No electronic devices, e.g. cell phones, ipods.
  • Students MUST have an ID with them to take the exam.
  • Bring one or two pencils. Do NOT use a pen.
  • Leave book bags at home.
  • No extra sheets of paper are allowed.
  • No questions allowed during the exam.
  • If you feel sick, notify your instructor BEFORE the exam.
  • If you have conflict with the exam time, notify your instructor BEFORE the exam.
  • Failure to show up for the exam, will result in a zero for the exam.

Supplemental Instruction for Math 141

  • Erica - Monday, 4-5:30, Washburn 309
  • Eddie - Tuesday, 6 - 7:30, Washburn 309
  • Erica - Wednesday, 5 - 6:30, Bliss 206
  • Eddie - Thursday, 6 - 7:30, Quinn 314

  • Click here for the Providence Journal Article (Sunday January 24, 2010) on the number one job in America. It uses calculus!

Calendar and Syllabus

Course Materials

Course Content

Exams and Grade Evaluation

Graphing Calculators




Tutoring Center

  Students with Disabilities


Gateway Exam


Course Material

Text: Calculus 5th edition, by Hughes-Hallet, Gleason, McCallum, et al., Wiley Pubs.

And an access code to WileyPlus, online homework system

Graphing Calculators

A graphing calculator is NOT required for class. For this course, CALCULATORS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED FOR EXAMS!!  

WileyPLUS Online Homework System

We will be using WileyPLUS online homework system in this course. To sign up for the WileyPlus system, you will need a WileyPLUS registration code. Every student must register for his or her own section of WileyPlus:

Section Instructor Web address
001 Krul
002 Warner
003 Baglama
004 Beauregard
005 Mitchell
006 Beauregard
007 Brett
008 Warner
200 Kulenovic

If you buy a new copy of the textbook at the URI Bookstore, a registration code for WileyPLUS will be included with the book at no additional cost.

If you have a used copy, you will need to purchase a WileyPLUS code separately. The cost of a registration code at the Wiley site: WileyPLUS is about $50. If you buy a new copy of the book from some other source, make sure it includes the WileyPLUS registration code.

WileyPlus Handout


Exams and Grade Evaluation

There will be three evening exams this semester.
Exam 1 7:00pm - 8:30pm Thurs. Oct. 14 Chafee 271
Exam 2 7:00pm - 8:30pm Thurs. Nov. 4 Chafee 271
Exam 3 7:00pm - 8:30pm Wed. Dec. 1 Chafee 271

A (92% - 100%) A- (90% - 91%) B+ (87% - 89%) B (82% - 86%) B- (80% - 81%) C+ (77% - 79%)
C (72% - 76%) C- (70% - 71%) D+ (67% - 69%) D (60% - 66%) F (0% - 59%)
Compute Grade -> (your total points)/700 * 100 = your percentage
Remark: Incompletes can only be given if you are passing the course.
Remark: No across the board curves allowed.
Remark: No extra credit allowed. The particular breakdown of the Class work, Quizzes, and Homework (Not WileyPlus), points will be given by your instructor. All other points, exams, final exam,Mathematica, WilyPlus, and Gateway Exam will be as stated above for ALL sections.


Gateway Exam

The examination consists of 20 multiple choice questions and has a 50-minute time limit. The exam will be given in class during the second week of classes. Your instructor will announce the exact date. A score of 12 out of 20 is required to pass the exam and earn the 25 pts. A score of 0 - 11 out of 20 will earn 0 pts and we HIGHLY recommend you drop the class and take a precalulus class to better prepare yourself for calulus. NO retakes on the exam allowed. NO calculators allowed. The exam will test basic algebra skills and precalulus knowledge that is required to earn a passing grade in Calculus 141. NOTE: Passing the gateway examination does not guarantee a passing grade for the course.



Mathematica is a powerful Computer Algebra System (CAS) that can perform the most complicated calculations and draw spectacular graphics at the touch of the button. Knowledge of software like Mathematica will help you in your future professional career as well as in understanding material in calculus and calculating solutions to computationally complex problems.

Dr. Lew Pakula's website for Mathematica has links to introductory videos and basic command worksheets.

Your instructor will introduce Mathematica to you during lectures and provide in class tutorials. There will be two Mathematica assignments for the semester. Your instructor will provide information about due dates and method of submission. Computers in the Library and the Memorial Union computer labs will have Mathematica installed on them. Laptops in Lippitt Hall 205 also have Mathematica installed on them. Furthermore, you can buy a student version online from Wolfram if you prefer to work on your own computer.

Mathematica Assignment #1 Due: Oct. 22

Mathematica Assignment #2 Due: Nov. 19


Course Content

MTH 141 is a demanding course for students in the STEM disciplines.  In order to succeed in this course, you will have to work systematically and hard.   In this course we will cover the following.




The primary aim of MTH 141 is to prepare students for further study in mathematics, basic sciences, or engineering by providing an introduction to differential and integral calculus, and by helping students develop new problem solving and critical reasoning skills. The objectives of MTH 141 are


Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the student should be able to:


Students with Disabilities

Any student with a documented disability should contact your instructor early in the semester so that he or she may work out reasonable accommodations with you to support your success in this course. Students should also contact Disability Services for Students: Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.



Sakai is being used in part to teach this course. That means you should become familiar with using Sakai. Your instructor might place important course material in the Sakai course shell. Check with your instructor. You can access Sakai at the following web address: Use your e-campus id and your URI Webmail password.