URI Chapter Sponsor   Applied Mathematics Seminar
Thursdays 10:00-10:50 AM
Lippitt Hall, Room 201

Spring 2010
February 11 Li Wu Title: Polynomials and Differential Equations

February 25
James Baglama Title: Krylov Subspace Methods: How to Solve Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems

March 11
Tim Toolan Title: Rank-One Modification of the Singular Value Decomposition

March 18
Tomas Francisco,
Yago Vicente,
Chris Allen, and
Jean-Yves Herve
Title: Fitting and Registration of Multi-Representation Models of Knee Cartilage Surfaces
We will present ongoing work on the representation of surfaces of knee articular cartilage. Our input consists of 3D meshes obtained by segmentation of MRI data. Our model combines this mesh information with implicit and parametric (NURBS) representations of the surface. We use these joint representations to study the local geometry of the cartilage's surface. We also register surfaces obtained from yearly scans of the same patient to study the longitudinal evolution of these local geometric properties. The toolbox used for this project is fairly typical for computer vision (visual reconstruction): digital geometry, computational geometry, multidimensional optimization and solution of nonlinear equations.

April 8
Pankaj L Ahire Title:Strategies for Explicit Image Detection via Automated Image Analysis
In this talk I will present the work being done by the Human Image Detection group at the Digital Forensics Center at URI. I shall give a brief overview of the contemporary framework of Image analysis, object detection techniques, learning approaches, and evaluation metrics. The various approaches we tried will then be explained in context of these techniques. As this is an ongoing project, I will conclude by presenting our current results and ideas for future direction.

April 22
Jean-Yves Herve Title: Detection of cylindrical rods in CT scans of soil samples
I will present work that we did in collaboration with the US EPA. EPA researchers have developed an ecological criterion to estimate the quality of coastal and marsh soils using the density of live roots and worm tubes present in a soil sample. Automating the computation of this criterion requires detecting straight cylindrical "calibration" rods in volumetric CT scans of soil samples. Although this sounds like a very simple problem, it turns out to be a fairly complex (and slow) task. I will explain why and discuss the solutions that we have developed for this problem.

April 29
Josh Bacon and
Shawn Case
Title (Shawn Case): Quadrature Rules using Szego Polynomials
Title (Josh Bacon): On Szego Polynomials and System Theory


Fall 2009 Applied Math seminar
Spring 2009 Applied Math seminar

Organized by: James Baglama, Tom Bella, and Li Wu