URI Chapter Sponsor   Applied Mathematics Seminar
Tuesday 10:00-10:50 AM
Lippitt Hall, Room 201

Fall 2011
Oct. 18 Alfa Heryudono
(UMASS Dartmouth)
Title: Radial basis function method for collocation problems: adaptive and partition unity scheme

Abstract: This talk will focus on the use of meshless radial basis function collocation method for numerically solving interpolation and PDE problems. The flexibility of meshfree method makes our life easier to add-remove-distribute points in computational domain based on solution profiles. We will discuss computational issues and new directions. Numerical simulations in MATLAB will also be presented.
Nov. 1 Angelo Lucia
URI Chester H. Kirk Professor of Chemical Engineering
Title:Numerical Tools for Reservoir Simulation

Abstract: Reservoir simulation problems are quite challenging from a numerical perspective since one has to solve millions to billions of small but challenging global optimization problems (flash problems) over the course of integrating the conservation equations for a reservoir over time horizons of years to decades. Here finite element representations of the governing PDEs are solved implicitly using Newton's method and for each time step, up to 1/2 million flash problems need to be solved - depending of course on the discretization of the reservoir. My focus in this multi-person project is the flash problems. For each finite element, a flash problem involves the following: Given the temperature, pressure and the overall feed to the grid block, determine the types and number of phases and their corresponding densities and compositions. My job is to guarantee NO failures at the flash level of the computations otherwise the reservoir simulation fails.
Nov. 15 Saeja O. Kim
(UMASS Dartmouth)
Radial Basis Function (RBF) in Edge detection
Cancelled. Rescheduled for Spring 2012.
Nov. 29 James Baglama Restarted Lanczos Bidiagonalization Methods
Dec. 6 Dan Richmond Preconditioned LSQR Algorithm


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