Tues April 15     See Course Outline for small modifications in later Homework assignments.
Friday Mar. 28   Exam 2 is Thurday April 2 at 8:00 in class. Bring HW#8 with you.  (click here)
For Maple #2 read text section 4.9 then do problems p296-297 #3 & #16. Also see class notes from April 1. Maple #2 is due Thursday April 9 in class. Don't forget to document your code.
Thur Feb 21:  Maple #1 due date changed to Tues March 4.  Using Maple for all calculations, do probems  on page 209-210,  #6,  #24, and #28.  You should read text section 3.3 for background.
Wed. Feb 20:  Exam 1 is tomorrow at 8:00 in class.  Bring HW#4 with you.
Wed Jan. 22:  Look here for important announcements, schedule changes, and reminders. Welcome to Linear Algebra.  Work hard and good luck will follow.