There will be two 60 minute exams given in class during the semester. See course outline for dates of Exam 1 and Exam 2. The Final Exam will be held during final exam week. The Final Exam will have two parts:  Part A will include only material covered in lecture after Exam 2 and will be worth 100 points.  Part B will be a comprehensive exam including all material covered through the entire course and worth 150 points. Homework assignments will be collected on every Thursday except the Thursdays following exams.  On each of those two Thursdays a Maple Project will be due. Assignments will be accepted ONE class late at a penalty of 10%.  Assignments will not be accepted more than one class late.  Students needing alternate exam dates require written documentaion on official letterhead from a physician for illness or appropriate coach/advisor for University sanctioned events. All other excuses are at the mercy of your instructor who is unsympathetic to irresponsible students.