Course Policies
Students are expected to be respectful to the instructor and each other at all times to provide a positive learning environment for all. Students are encouraged to attend every class meeting. Attendance will be taken daily. There will be frequent unannounced open-book quizzes. Homework is due IN CLASS on dates shown. Late homework will be penalized 50% and not be accepted at all after it is returned to the class. Students are encouraged to complete the homework early so that there will be time to ask questions in class or in office hours. The dates of all tests have been given in advance. Students missing exams require written documentation (medical, legal, or varsity sports for example) acceptable by the instructor in order to petition for a make-up. Exams 1, 2, and 3 are all mandatory.
Question are encouraged, however common sense dictates that only one person has the floor at a time and only after being recognized by the instructor. There are no specific penalties for missing class other than a zero for classwork, however, for students with two absences or less, the cumulative final exam is optional. Students often underestimate the importance of homework assignments, but while doing homework is when most learning occurs. Note the importance placed on homework in the grading. Basic calculators are allowed on all exams. No other electronics are allowed. (This implies that no cellphones may be used as calculators.) Once exam begins, students may not leave the room until they have finished with and handed in their exam.
Computers and other electronics (cellphones, mp3 players, etc) are to be turned off and out of sight for the duration of the lecture. A tardy arrival to class may be counted as a half or whole absence or ignored depending on the severity and frequency of occurrence. If you arrive after attendance is taken, be sure to inform the instructor after class to avoid being marked absent. Homework format is 20% of each homework assignment. Write out the entire text of each question before answering. Do not place more than ONE problem on any side of a sheet. Write neatly. Show your work. Explain logically. (Many problems in this class go beyond mere calculations and require a logical explanation.) Staple all pages together. Academic integrity is essential. Any action believed to be cheating by the instructor will be reported to the students academic dean for litigation.
The basis for your grade is shown below
Homework 30%
Exams 60%
Classwork (Quizzes) 10%