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Thurs25Sept:  Your second written homework assignment is due on MONDAY OCTOBER 6 at the begining of class. See elsewhere for the required format.  The problems are pg 72 #4, #10, #16, and #28. On problem 28 do only parts a, c, and e. October 6 is also the day of TEST#1 covering chapters 1 & 2.
Sun14Sept: Your first written homework assignment is due on MONDAY SEPT 22.  It consists of problems starting on page 31:  #4, 20, 30, 36, 64. Each problem should be started on a new page, each problem should be written first followed by your answers written in a logical and orderly manner, and the whole set should be stapled and handed in on time.  Late penalty is 5% per calender day it is late (rounded up) until it is delivered to my hands. Keep in mind that these writing assignments are each worth about 3 quiz grades.
Thurs04SeptWelcome to Math 108. Look here for important notices to the class.