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Your third homework assignment starts on page 152 and consists of problems #12, 26, 36, and 50.  It is due on Tuesday October 14 in class. Same format, same late penalties.
Reminder that TEST#1 covering chapters 1 and 2 will be on Tuesday Sept 30 in class. Also written homework #2 is due the same day.  The homework is pg72 #4, 10, 16, and 28ace. Note that "ace" applies to parts a, c, and e of #28 only. You should do all of #4, 10 and 16. See below for format. Too many points were lost on previous homework for failure to follow the format.
Your first written homework assignment is due on Thursday Sept 18.  It consists of problems starting on page 31:  #4, 20, 30, 36, 64. Each problem should be started on a new page, each problem should be written first followed by your answers written in a logical and orderly manner, and the whole set should be stapled and handed in on Thursday.  Late penalty is 5% per calender day it is late (rounded up) until it is delivered to my hands. Keep in mind that these writing assignments are each worth about 3 quiz grades.
Welcome to Math 108. Look here for important notices to the class.