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There will be three 50 minute Tests. See course outline for dates of Test 1 and Test 2.  Test 3 will be held in the time slot given to the class for the final exam. There will also be 10 scheduled quizzes.  There will be six writing assignments which will consist of problems from the text which are to be written neatly, logically organized, and carefully explained. All late assignments will be penalized 5% per calendar day that they are late until they are delivered to my hands. No assignments will be accepted after it has been returned to the class. Class attendence is expected and certain requirements will be made optional to students who have perfect or near perfect attendence.
The Course Outline shows when we will be covering material from the text.  Some sections will not be covered in their entirety. The exercises given cover everything you are expected to be able to do. The exams will be based closely on the exercises. You are expected to do all the assigned exercises. Most of the learning in this class will be done while hammering away at these exercises. Class lecture alone is not enough. The exercises assigned should be complete before the next class.