MTH107 - Spring 2009
Finite Mathematics - sec 201

Instructor: Dr. Glenn Faubert
Office: Lippit Hall 102j
Office Hours: Tue 3:30-5:00, Thur 11:30-1:00
email: gfaubert(at)math(dot)uri(dot)edu

Course Description

Math 107 is an introductory level math course intended for students whose majors have only a general educational requirement in mathematics, or for students who feel they would like to prepare for a higher level course probability and statistics. This course has no prerequisites beyond college admission standards. We will cover topics in logic, set theory, Venn diagrams, probability, and statistics, all at an introductory college level.

Required Text

The required text for the class is "Mathematics, A Practical Odyssey: Chapters 1-4", by Johnson and Mowrey, Cengage Learning, 2008. ISBN 987 0 495 47630 6. A basic feature calculator (add, subtract, multiply, divide, square-root) is also required.

Students with special requirements and proper documentation through Disability Services should inform their instructor as early as possible.