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Flash Basics - AS2

The tutorials in this section use simple mathematics applets to illustrate some of the common objects used in Flash programming. The applets themselves are not too exciting, but we can use them as building blocks for the more complete applications that we will build in other sections of the Learning Center.

  • Introduction. A First Look at Flash.   A video tour that walks you through Flash's authoring environment.
  • Tutorial 1. Making a button. Illustrates the mechanics of creating a button and writing a simple script. The application is a simple counter.
  • Tutorial 2. Reading input text boxes and writing to dynamic text boxes. Sets up textboxes for basic input and output. The application is "multiplication practice" where the script selects random multiplication problems and checks the user's answers for correctness.
  • Tutorial 3. Using the radio button component. Discusses how to set up this popular Flash component. The application is a generic multiple choice question.
  • Tutorial 4. Using combo boxes. Discusses how to set up this built-in Flash component to add the functionality of a "pull-down" menu to your applet. The application is a "fill in the blank" proof of a property of set operations.
  • Tutorial 5. Working with movie clips. Create a simple cursor to trace a parametric description of a circle using clips that you create on the stage and then manipulate with a script.
  • Tutorial 6. Dynamic drawing. Create a histogram for a data list by dynamically drawing filled rectangles with methods in the script. Also addresses how to pull individual numbers out of a list of numbers separated by commas.

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