Guide to projects and guidelines on working in groups.





1)       Write out each entire question.  Type if possible.

2)       Below each question, give the solution. 

3)       Start by describing the method that you are going to use to solve the problem.

4)       Use complete sentences. 

5)       For each calculation that you make, explain why you are doing it. 

6)       Give your answer at the end.





Guide to Working in groups


7)       Work in a small group of about 3 or 4.

8)       You must include the names of all group members.  Each group member must sign next to their name to certify that they contributed an equal share of the work.   

9)       Take some time to read the description of the project on your own.

10)    Have someone in your group explain the problem in their own words. 

11)    Each group member should ask questions to be sure they completely understand the problem.

12)    If there is any doubt about the formulation of the problem, ask your instructor.

13)    As a group, make an outline of the steps necessary to solve the problem.

14)    Come to an agreement on who will write up each part.  Each person in the group should contribute by writing up some part.

15)    Show your group what you wrote. 

16)    Come to an agreement about the work of each member.  Any errors should be corrected at this time.

17)    Have a group member write up the final version.  It is recommended that you type and leave room for writing equations and math symbols by hand.