MTH 142 Spring 2002

Maple Information We will continue the use Maple in this course. The Maple software is available in most computer labs at both Kingston and Providence sites.

If you did not take MTH 141 at URI last semester you might be unfamiliar with Maple. There is an introductory worksheet, list below, which combined with the Getting Started with Maple book that came with your text should be enough to help you begin your work.

Below are instructions that you may find helpful when getting started with your first Maple assignment.

     How to use Maple in URI computer labs

The following worksheets will help you get acquainted with maple.

     Download "Introduction to Maple"(intro141.mws)
     Download "Introduction to Maple in Calculus II"(intro142.mws)
     Download "Summary of Calculus I Syntax in Maple"(summ.mws)