MTH 142 Spring 2002 - Section 04

This is a coordinated course.  Visit the main web page for the course for general information that applies to all sections.  This page will give you specific information pertaining to section 04 only.

Final Exam - Friday May 10,  8:00-11:00 am
Chafee 271  (not bisc)

EXTRA credit assignment.

Introduction This second course in calculus assumes that you know and can use the basic ideas covered in MTH 141.  It is a 4-credit course, and a challenging one. You should plan on spending about 7-8 hours per week, outside of class, working problems, reading the text, and working on Projects. As in MTH 141, we will approach new ideas and problems from algebraic, graphical, and numerical points of view.

Goals and Objectives. The goals are to have you develop symbol manipulation skills, mathematical modeling skills, skills in the use of technology to treat mathematical problems, an understanding of the language of calculus, and an appreciation for the uses of calculus in the sciences. At the conclusion of this semester you should be able to:

Maple assignments:  Listed below are the maple assignments for section (04) of MTH142.  Begin working on the projects well in advance, as you may find that you have questions.  Please come to my office hours with your questions.  The assignments below will turn into buttons that as soon as they are available.


Class work One way I like to inspire students to come to class is to give you work to do in class.  You hand this work in for class credit.  I keep track of this work and it is the class work portion of your grade.  (40pts out of 100pts)

Homework Keep this in a notebook.  You must be self disciplined to do all of the suggested homework problems and to make sure each one is done correctly.  Remember you learn math by doing it.  Doing all of your homework is essential.  It helps you to practice doing all of the problems so that you can do them quickly enough when the time comes to take a test.  Bring this notebook to my office hours to show me your work and ask questions.  I will ask students to put up homework problems on the board in class.  This will count as extra credit toward the class work, homework, and quiz portion of your grade.

Quizzes I will give you short quizzes in class, once a week.  The questions will be similar to homework problems from the material covered in the previous week.  I won't give make ups on missed quizzes.  Instead, I drop the 3 lowest grades from the semester.  Look for the quizzes and solutions on our class web page.  (60pts out of 100pts)

Keys to quizzes
Quiz 1
Quiz 2
Quiz 3
Quiz 5

Time Table The following is a tentative schedule for the semester.  We may be slightly ahead or slightly behind at any given point.  The exam dates and due dates for maple assignments will not change.  On the days that "Review" is indicated, we will mainly go over home works, and work on problems in class.  Keep in mind that quizzes will be given approximately once a week.  The day may not be announced in advanced.
Monday  In Class  Tuesday In Class Thursday In Class
1/22 § 6.4 1/24 § 6.5
1/28 § 7.1 1/29 § 7.2 1/31 § 7.3
2/4 § 7.4 2/5 § 7.5 2/7 § 7.6
2/11 § 7.7 2/12 § 7.8 2/14 § 8.1
2/19 Review 2/21 Review EXAM 1 in evening
2/25 § 8.2  2/26 § 8.3 2/28 § 8.4 Maple 1 due
3/4 § 8.5 3/5 § 8.6 3/7 § 8.7
3/18 § 9.1 3/19 § 9.2 3/21 § 9.3
3/25 Review  3/26 Review 3/28 Review EXAM 2 in evening
4/1 § 9.4 4/2 § 10.1 4/4 § 10.2 Maple 2 due
4/8 § 10.3  4/9 § 10.4  4/11 § 10.5
4/15 § 11.1 4/16 § 11.2 4/18 § 11.3
4/22 Review 4/23 Review 4/29 Review EXAM 3 in evening
4/29 § 11.4 4/30 § 11.5 5/2 § 11.6  Maple 3 due
5/6 Review 5/7 Review


Guide for students:
Calculus is a demanding course.  You must study the material frequently in order to learn and retain it.  Not only do we sk you to know definitions and apply methods to solve basic exercises, but also understand ideas and apply them to solve word problems.  A good way to study is to meet with a study group to go over your solutions to the suggested homework problems.  Remember - success in this class depends on you and how much work you put into it.

Materials you will need for the course are:

  1. a loose leaf notebook,
  2. dividers,
  3. a 3 hole puncher, and
  4. a graphing calculator - TI-86 is recommended.

The following are suggestions for during class.

  1. Take notes, especially the examples given.  Be sure to write down both the questions and the answers.
  2. I will be giving out handouts with some notes on them.  Keep these in the proper order in your loose leaf notebook.
  3. Don't miss class.

Between classes, it is recommended that you take the following steps.

  1. Read over the section just covered.
  2. Do all the suggested homework exercises and problems from that section.  Write out the questions as well as the solutions.  Keep these in a loose leaf notebook.
  3. Check answers when available, noting the ones which do not have answers in the back of the book, usually the evens.
  4. Check your answers with people in your study group or from class.
  5. We will go over some of the evens in class, so keep track of the ones that are covered in class.
  6. Come to my office hours to get help with those homework problems that you are not sure of.

  7. Finally, preview the next section.  Read ahead.
Solutions to selected homework problems:
Solutions to exercises on handout "Integrating Rational Functions"
Chapter 8,  more chapter 8, even more from 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 9,10,11

Practice Problems for Exams:
Practice for Exam 1 - SOLUTIONS
Key to Exam 1, part 2
Key to Exam 2Key to Exam 2 makeup
Review for Exam 3
Key to Exam 3

EXTRA credit assignment.

EXTRA CREDIT MAPLE:  If you didn't get 100%, you may redo assignment 1 and hand it in
again, to improve the grade on this one assignment.  You MUST use the
electronic submission and have it in to me by midnight Tues March 19.

EXTRA CREDIT Toward the QUIZ grade:  Practice chapter 7:
Review problems
14,16,18,22,24,30,32,36,38,42,47,52,58   (these are all with
substitutions or by parts)
Using the tables:  76,81,82,84,
methods of section 7.4:  116,118,121.
You must show your work.  I will grade as right or wrong, no partial
credit.  Then you will get one chance to redo it.
DUE 1st time:  March 21
Due 2nd time: March 28.
PLEASE - don't bother to just copy over someone elses work.  THE WHOLE
POINT is to practice, get better at this, get my feedback and try
again.  Don't forget you will be tested on this material again for the
final exam.