MTH 132 Applied Calculus II-Summer 2004

MW: 6:00PM - 9:45PM - Providence Campus

Instructor:  Nancy Eaton

Office:  Tyler 222

Phone:  874-4439


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About the course:  
This is a calculus course for students of life sciences and other areas.  The main emphasis will be on the interpretation of calculus in numerical, graphical, algebraic, as well as practical terms. The authors of the textbook have gone to great lengths to fill the book with many exciting, real-life examples, which show how calculus concepts appear in life sciences and other areas. The main topics of the course are applications of the definite integral, differential equations, and functions of many variables, chapters 6 through 11 of the textbook.


 Hughes-Hallet, et. al., Calculus (THIRD Edition)


 MTH 141 or equivalent


 A graphing calculator is required




There will be 2 exams given during class. A comprehensive final exam will be given during the last day of class, July 28.  The final will emphasize chapters 10 and 11 since no previous exam will cover those chapters.  Quizzes will be given regularly.  Course grades will be calculated according to the following distribution:

Two exams at 100 points each 200 pts
Quizzes 50 pts
Final Exam 300 pts
Total 550 pts


Tips for success: 

Read the textbook. An important part of your mathematical education is acquiring the knack of learning mathematics on your own, from books.  You may not be used to reading mathematics texts, but you will be actively encouraged to read this one. By reading the text before class you will have a better chance of making good use of your time in class.  Don't worry if you don't understand everything.  Ask questions in class and read the material again later.


Come to Class.  It is very important that you don't miss any classes.  If you miss class, you will fall behind and it will be very difficult to keep up with the class after that.

Take Notes.  Learn to take careful notes of the examples and concepts given in class.  At the very least, copy down all examples that are put up on the board in class.


Do all the homework problems.  The homework problems are the core of this course.  The way you will learn the material is by working the homework problems.  An important purpose of the problems is to make you think through and master the ideas of the subject so that you can confidently apply your knowledge in new situations.  You don't learn much from a problem you can do immediately.  It is essential that you devote adequate time attempting to solve each assigned problem.  Discipline yourself not to check the solution manual too quickly, be willing to spend an occasional half hour or more on a challenging problem.  You may learn a great deal from honest hard work on a problem, even if you don't succeed in solving it.  Read the text material before working on the problems.  Solutions to the odd problems are in the back of your book.You are responsible for doing all of the assigned problems.


The Exams will reflect the variety of the homework problems.   Practice exams will be handed out during class.  If you attend class, understand how to do every assigned homework problem, and the examples from the practice exams you should be well prepared for the exams.


Making up missed work:


Exams:   If you must miss an exam, follow this guide.  Ask for permission to take a makeup exam before the time of the exam, which you are missing.  If permission is given, submit a written note to me explaining why you missed the exam and attach documentation such as a doctor's note.  Schedule a makeup exam with me soon after the time of the exam.  I will strictly enforce this procedure.  Expect to get a zero on the exam if you don't follow this procedure.


Quizzes:   All quizzes will be take home.  You must complete them and hand them in during the very next class.  If you don't do this work yourself, you will miss out on this opportunity to learn the material.  No make-ups will be given for missed quizzes.  To compensate for missed quizzes due to illness or other excused absences, I will drop the two lowest quiz grades before computing your final grade.  If you loose a quiz, check this web page. They will be available for downloading.  I will check that they are completed and hand out a solution key for you to check your own work.


Classes:   It is to your benefit to attend class.  Students who attend class on a regular basis perform better on tests than those who don't.  I cover all the test material in class and go over difficult homework problems.  If you miss class for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to find out what was covered and what announcements were made.   Arrive to class on time and do not leave class early, it disrupts the class by interrupting my chain of thought when presenting material and preventing the students from keeping their attention on the work.