Math Dept Colloquia

2002 - 2003
All talks held in Tyler 106, at 4pm (unless otherwise noted)

Apr 25 Stuart Geman Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University  web page

Title:  Why are Pictures Scale Invariant?  Abstract   Coffee 3:30

Apr 18 James Baglama Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University of Rhode Island

Title:  Computing a few Singular Values of a Large Sparse Rectangular Matrix  Abstract   Coffee 3:30

Apr 11 Li Wu Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University of Rhode Island

Title:  A Eulerian-Lagrangian Single Node Collocation Method for Transient Advection-Diffusion Equations   Abstract   Coffee 3:30
Nov 22 Jozef Skokan VIGRE Research Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Title:  Packing of Jacks  Abstract     Coffee 3:30
Oct 25  Tom Peters Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut

Title:  Computational Topology & Taylor's Theorem  Abstract Coffee 3:30
Oct 18 Eli Upfal Professor and Chair, Computer Science, Brown University

Title:  Building Low-Diameter Peer-to-Peer Networks Abstract Coffee 3:30
Sept 20 Catherine Roberts Associate Professor, Mathematics & Computer Science, 
College of the Holy Cross

Title:  Applied Mathematics In Action:  Modeling Human-Environment Interactions in the Grand Canyon. Abstract Coffee 3:30
All are welcome to attend.  Also attend the New England Discrete Math Day, Feb 2.

Dr. Catherine Roberts