MTH462 (Functions of a Complex Variable)

Vladimir A. Dobrushkin,Tyler 207, 874-5095,

First course in the theory of functions of a single variable, including analytic functions, power series, residues and poles, complex integration, conformal mapping and applications.

MTH462, section 01, TR 9:30- 10:45 am Rodman Hall, 226

TEXTBOOK: Theodore W. Gamelin "Complex Analysis", Springer2001, ISBN: 0-387-95069-9

Course Objectives and Goals:
In this course provides an introduction into a beautiful subject which is full with the pletora of applications in mathematics, computer science, numerical methods, physics, and engineering. To better appreciate the variety of applications, you will be introduced to some exciting ideas in mathematics. The course lays the foundations for the study of complex analysis.

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Prof .Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics