Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics


WileyPLUS Online Homework System: We will be using WileyPLUS online homework system in this course. To sign up for the WileyPlus system, you will need a WileyPLUS registration code. If you took MTH 131, you should be able to use your old code to register for this course as well. If you took MTH 131 before we began using WileyPLUS, you may need to purchase a code, but DO NOT DO THIS until you have tried unsuccessfully tried to register for the section. If you are having trouble registering, make sure to see me as soon as possible so that you do not fall behind.

Exams : There are three in-class exams and one final exam. Bring your ID to each exam. Three exams are currently scheduled as

    Exam I: February 25
    Exam II: March 27
    Exam III: optimal
    Final Exam: May 6th 3:00-6:00pm

Grading Policy: (Total 650 points)
    Three exams 300 points; Final exam 200 points; Class work (quizzes, homework, WileyPlus) 150 points.

Quizzes: you will be given about 15 quizzes (almost every class). Quiz problems will be from homework problems and examples given in class with number changes. There will be NO makeup quizzes , and I'll drop the lowest 2 for you at the end of this semester.

Homework: Homework problems are listed below. You should do ALL of them if you want to do better in exams and quizzes. Although you are not required to hand in homework, you are welcome to bring questions to class, and if you want me to grade some of your homework problems, please hand them in. Even though there will be no credit for homework, I do encourage you to try those problems because doing homework is the the best way to digest what you learned in class!

The grade system is based on the following dustribution:
A..100%-92%       A-..91%-90%      B+..89%-87%      B..86%-82%      B-..81%-80%       C+..79%-77%       C..76%-72%       C-..71%-70%      D+..69%-67%       D..66%-60%       F..59%-0%

Homework will be assigned after each section. Each day we will spend time going over examples, homework problems, and quizzes. You are responsible for all problems assigned, see Course Calendar for a list of problems associated with each chapter. Quizzes will be given almost every class in the weeks without exams. Quiz problems are from homework problems and examples given in class with number changes. There are no makeup quizzes. I'll drop one quiz grade.

Final Exam:
it is comprehensive and will be given on May 6 , 3 -- 6 pm in our usual room.

Help With Your studies and homework:
Tutors are available at both the Providence and Kingston campuses. Check with them for specific hours. Also, you can make individual appointments with me. For this, contact me by e-mail, or ask me during class.
Students who require accommodations and who have documentation from Disability Services (874-2098) should make arrangements with me as soon as possible.