Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics

MTH111 (Precalculus)

Vladimir A. Dobrushkin, Lippitt Hall 202C, 874-5095,

The primary goal of MTH 111 is to prepare you for further courses in mathematics, especially calculus.The calculus sequence is often an essential step toward degree and career objectives, so MTH 111 is also such a step. Thus MTH 111 is aimed at the student for whom it will be the first of an important series of courses rather than a last math course. This course is NOT a good choice simply to fulfill a general education requirement. It demands a very substantial amount of hard work for 3 credits.

Summer 2009:
MTH111, section 2000, Mondays and Wednesdays 6:00 - 9:45pm, Providence Campus, Room 445

"Just-In-Time Algebra and Trigonometry" (3rd Edition), by Guntram Mueller, Ronald I. Brent. ISBN: 0321269438.
"Fundamentals of Precalculus" (Second Edition), by Mark Dugopolski. Addison-Wesley (2008) ISBN-10: 0321536754; ISBN-13: 9780321536754

ONLINE HOMEWORK: This course will use an on-line homework system, MyMathLab. It is an essential part of the course and is not optional. Moreover, regular use of this system will provide you with the practice needed to do well on the exams. Your instructor may also assign other problems to be discussed in class and/or handed in.

In order to sign up for MyMathLab you will need the MyMathLab Student Access Code that is included in the course package, and the courseID: dobrushkin49803. When you have the access code and the courseID follow these directions: MyMathLab Registration Instructions  (Note: When asked about whether you have a Pearson Education Account answer No unless you know that you are using CourseCompass in another course. ) Here is the login link to MyMathLab

We expect that you will give this course 5-6 hours a week of your undivided attention, in addition to class time. This is an approximate figure of course, but don't assume that you can spend less time than this and still get a grade you'll like. We also expect that you will ATTEND YOUR CLASS.

The key to success in this course is the problem material. It is very important that you try all the assigned problems. The problems assigned for each topic indicate what we feel is important about that topic and which ideas and skills you should focus on. An important part of this course is strengthening your algebra skills and using them in new ways. Precalculus also has a body of mathematical facts that you will have to learn. Be prepared to memorize some formulas and theorems as you learn about their meaning and uses.

The Calendar and Syllabus page shows the topics we will cover. For each topic you will find a list of learning outcomes for that topic. These will include things you should be able to do and things you should know. The word "know" here means "memorize with understanding." For example, if an ability outcome is "Be able to find sin(A+B) given enough information about the sine and cosine of A and B" and a knowledge outcome is "Know the formula for sin(A+B) in terms of the sines and cosines of A and B" you should memorize sin(A+B)=sin(A)cos(B)+cos(A)sin(B), and be able to use this formula to solve problems using this formula. There will be assignments of reading and problem material from both of the course texts.

Weather phone number:(401) 874-snow or 874-7669.

Help With Your studies and homework:
Tutors are available at both the providence and kingston campuses. Check with them for specific hours. Also, you can make individual appointments with me. For this, contact me by phone, e-mail, or ask me during class.
I may help you with questions during office hours, or at other times by appointment. Also, I will try to answer questions sent by electronic mail as promptly as possible. Students who require accommodations and who have documentation from Disability Services (874-2098) should make arrangements with me as soon as possible.