Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics

1. Calculators.   You will need a graphing calculator for this course.  If you already have one and are comfortable using it, you needn't buy another one.  We recommend the TI-83, or TI-86 if you do not currently have a calculator.  

    Calculators may not be permitted for some class quizzes and for parts of  exams.  Storage of  unauthorized information in calculator memories during exams will be considered cheating.   

2. Quicktime and Acrobat Reader.   To make effective use of the course web-site from your personal computer you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.  You probably have it already, but if not, it is available free of charge from the following site: Adobe Acrobat Reader

To use the audio and video on-line material provided in the course syllabus, you will need to have the Quicktime plug-in on your machine.  This can also be downloaded free of charge from   Quicktime Download 

Note:  Both Quicktime and Acrobat Reader are installed on all machines you will encounter in campus labs, so you can use the campus labs to access any material that requires them.  

3. Audio and Video.   There are a number of on-line videos which you  can link to from the syllabus, but you will need a high-speed internet connection to view them--phone dial-up will not be satisfactory.  Again, these should work well from any campus lab.  You will need a personal headset to listen to the audio components if you will be using a computer in a campus lab.  

4. WeBWorK.   This on-line homework and quizzing system may be used later in the semester. Your instructor will provide further instructions. The WeBWorK system is accessible from the WeBWorK page and can be used from virtually any computer connected to the Internet.