You should KNOW 

        1.  That the graph of linear equation is a line.
        2.  The meaning and definition of slope and intercept  and how to calculate them. 
        3.  The slope-intercept, point-slope, and "standard" forms of the equations of lines and how to convert from one to another. 
        4.  How to read off slope and intercept information from the equation of a line, and how to find an equation for a line  given geometric data like slopes and points lying on the line.
         5.  How to solve equations which are linear in a given variable (whose coefficients might have other variables) and how to use and solve linear equations in simple applications. 

You should be ABLE TO

         1.  Find slopes, intercepts, various forms of equations of lines from geometric data or from algebraic information, and read off such information from equations of lines.
          2.  Solve linear equations by algebraic or graphical means.