Information on the evaluation system

The number of points achieved for any question is the number of remaining uncovered question marks. In other words: for any attempt a point is subtracted. The maximum number possible is thus

Number of possible answers - 1

(since you need at least one attempt). If the correct answer is not uncovered, no point is given.

You may perform the test in two ways:

  1. You try as long as the correct answer is uncovered. This is appropriate when you would like to learn a little bit about the subject during the test.
  2. Fast way: Try just one answer for each question. This is suitable is you just want to check your abilities.
On the interpretation of the number of points achieved: If you click answers by random until the correct one appears, the number of points achieved will statistically be just half of the maximum. A positive result has thus been achieved if the number of points is considerably above half the maximum. In case your result is considerably less than half the maximum, you display a systematic tendency to incorrect answers (maybe on account of some misconception biasing your understanding of the subject in a systematic way).