Distances, Midpoints, Circles -- Quiz

Problem 1. Find an equation of the circle with the center (-1,4) that passes through (3,7).

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Answer to Problem 1.


Problem 2. The diameter of a circle connects two points (7,13) and (-3,-11) on the circle.

(a) Find the center and the radius of the circle.

(b) Write the circle's equation in the standard form.

Answer to Problem 2.


Problem 3. Find an equation of the circle whose center is (2,-7) and the area [Maple Math] .

Answer to Problem 3.


Problem 4. By completing the square in x terms and y terms, find the center, radius and the equation in the standard form of the circle given by the equation

[Maple Math] .

Answer to Problem 4.


MTH 111 Quizzes, B. Kaskosz, L. Pakula, 2001.