Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics

MyMathLab Information

An access code for MyMathLab is included in the course package for MTH 111. MyMathLab is an on-line homework system that will be a required part of this course. The on-line problems will be variations of the problems assigned for homework in the Course Syllabus. You will also find many supplements on the MyMathLab site that will help you with the homework problems and the course in general. These on-line problems may be assigned before or after the ones assigned in class.

In order to sign up for MyMathLab you will need the MyMathLab Student Access Code that is included in the course package, and the "courseID" specific to your instructor which will be provided by your instructor. This courseID will consist of your instructor's last name and several digits. THESE WILL BE PROVIDED IN CLASS. YOU MUST SIGN UP ONLY FOR THE COURSEID PROVIDED BY YOUR INSTRUCTOR.

A list of Course ID numbers is given here.  Remember that you must use the COURSE ID for YOUR SECTION of MTH 111 and none other.

When you have the access code and the courseID follow these directions: MyMathLab Registration Instructions

  (Note: When asked about whether you have a Pearson Education Account answer No unless you know that you are using CourseCompass in another course. )

Here is the login link to MyMathLab


1. When you log in with your new username/password, click on the "Precalculus MTH 111" link that appears under "Courses" in the opening page.
2. On the next page that appears, click the "DO HOMEWORK" button.
3. You will see named assignments (e.g. "Inequalities"). Click the link for the assignment you want to work on.
4. You will see links to the individual questions in the assignment. Click the link to Question 1. If the question is multiple choice you just click on the button corresponding to your answer. Then click the "Check Answer" button on the bottom of the screen. If you need help, try the buttons that appear on the right side of the problem screen. You will have several tries. You can proceed to the next question using the bar at the top of the problem screen, or you can press the "Save" button to keep what you did so far and return to the system later. Note that you print the entire assignment, do it on paper, and then return to submit your answers. Be aware that the problems are customized for you individually -- you will not get exactly the same questions as other students.
5. In some questions you will need to answer with a number, an expression, an ordered pair, a list, a graph, etc.

Watch the following video for an introduction to Entering Homework Answers

Read the problem statements carefully about the form of the answer e.g. if the problem asks for fraction in lowest terms it will accept 3/4 but not 6/8 as a correct answer.