Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics

MTH106 (Mathematics of Social Choice and Finance) -- Online course using Sakai

Vladimir A. Dobrushkin,Lippitt Hall 202C, 874-5095,

Math 106 is a special topics course that satisfies the general education requirement for math at the University of Rhode Island. The content is intended for students majoring in the liberal arts or other fields that do not have a specific mathematical requirement. The prerequisite is a basic high school algebra background. MTH106 covers Elements of Voting Methods, Apportionment Problems, and the Mathematics of Everyday Finance.

TEXTBOOK: "For All Practical Purposes'' by COMAP. 8th edition. Publisher: W.J. Freeman, 2009.
ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-0900-7; ISBN-10: 1-4292-0900-3.
Electronic textbook, referred to as the ebook:

Course Objectives and Goals:
In this section of this course, you will have the opportunity to review Basic Math Skills. To better appreciate the variety of subjects within mathematics, you will be introduced to some exciting ideas in mathematics that come from a wide variety of disciplines along with real world applications such as voting schemes, apportionment problems, etc. The course intends to help students think logically and critically about mathematical information that abounds in our society.

A calculator (with memory, such as TI-83) is required. Technology will play an important role in this course and we will make extensive use of calculators; sure to bring your calculator to each class.

Help With Your studies and homework:
Tutors are available at both the providence and kingston campuses. Check with them for specific hours. Also, you can make individual appointments with me. For this, contact me by e-mail. Also, I will try to answer questions sent by electronic mail as promptly as possible.