Prof. Vladimir Dobrushkin
Department of Mathematics


Students will be given fourtheen quizzes, 5 points each, 5 homeworks, 10 points each, and the comprehensive final exam, 30 points. The course average is calculated as follows:

Course average = 100* (Quizzes + Homework + Final ) / 150

Quizzes = 70 points, Homework = 50 points, and Final Exam = 30 points. The grade system is based on the following dustribution:
A..100%-92%       A..91%-90%      B+..89%-87%      B..86%-82%      B-..81%-80%       C+..79%-77%       C..76%-72%       C-..71%-70%      D+..69%-67%       D..66%-60%       F..59%-0%

Remark: Incomplete can only be given if you are passing the course.

All homework has been assigned with a due date, at the end of each week. The assignments must be submitted by the due date using the Assignments tool in Sakai. You must show the work for full credit. You should do a similar odd problem to make sure you understand the homework. You are responsible for understanding the homework problems, see Course Calendar for a list of problems. I will grade the problems and send back a pdf file with answers. If you need more explanation send me an email.
DO NOT SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS VIA EMAILS or FAXES! They will not be accepted. I suggest using a word processor for your assignments. The computer system Sakai does not allow late submission. Homework without worked out problems will not be accepted.

You will be given three multiple choice quizzes every week, except last week. There are no makeup quizzes.

Final Exam:
The final exam is comprehensive and will be given at the end session.

Help With Your studies and homework:
Tutors are available at both the Providence and Kingston campuses. Check with them for specific hours. Also, you can make individual appointments with me. For this, contact me via e-mail. Also, I will try to answer questions sent by electronic mail as promptly as possible.