Chris D. Lynd, M.S. Mathematics

Office Hours: Tues. and Thur. 4:00 - 5:00 Providence, Room 322

MTH 099            Fall 2012
Providence Campus

Optional Textbook:
Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
Sherri Messersmith

Our class code is ADPNR-EADAW
All assignments are done using

Below are documents that you should print out and put in your notebook.

Calendar of Topics

Practice Problems from Lessons 1 - 13

Practice Final Exam 1

Grading Policy

This course is graded Pass/Fail.

In order to pass this class, you must do the following:

(1)  Come to class every day, take notes, and practice the skills in class.
(2)  Do your math lesson on ALEKS after every class.
(3)  See your instructor IMMEDIATELY if you do not understand how to solve the problems in a lesson. Do not let yourself fall behind.
(4)  Pass the Math Skills Assessment at the end of the semester. This is an online assessment using ALEKS.


Walk-in tutoring for math is located in rooms 201 and 205 in Lippitt Hall (Kingston) everyday from 12:00 - 6:00. There is a no appointment needed and it is FREE. There are laptops available so you can access your ALEKS account. Be sure to bring your notes and questions with you. The tutoring center is a great place to study with classmates and friends, prepare for exams, and review the material covered in lecture.

Course Description
MTH 099 is a review of basic algebra and trigonometry: operations of real numbers and algebraic expressions, negative and fractional exponents, polynomials and fractional expressions, equations and systems of equations, inequalities, right triangle trigonometry and applications. It is for students not sufficiently prepared to take other mathematics courses. Credits may not be used toward the minimum credits required for graduation or for general education. MTH 099 is pass/fail only.

The assignments for this course will be done online using ALEKS. You will be given a code in class to access and purchase the online problem sets at

Classroom Policies

Attendance is required, please arrive on time. If you miss class, you must notify me ahead of time via email.

At times, you will be expected to participate in class and to practice problems as a class. Be respectful of others in the classroom. No mobile phones, ipods, or any other personal electronic devices are allowed during class.

Due to the H1N1 situation, if you are sick, you should not come to class. Please notify me ahead of time, follow along with the syllabus, send any questions to me via email, and get healthy so you can come back to class. You will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to make up any work. Please see U.R.I.’s information regarding the H1N1 flu virus.
The link is:

Students With Disabilities
Any student with a documented disability should contact me as soon as possible to discuss your accommodations. Students should also contact Disability Services for Students: Office of Student Life, 330 Memorial Union, 874-2098. They will determine with you what accommodations are necessary and appropriate. All information and documentation is confidential.

Cheating is defined in the University Manual section 8.27.10 as the claiming of credit for work not done independently without giving credit for aid received, or any unauthorized communication during examinations. Students are expected to be honest in all academic work. The resolution of any charge of cheating or plagiarism will follow the guideline set forth in the University Manual 8.27.10 – 8.27.20.