MTH 436 Introduction
to Mathematical Analysis II

Text: Russell A. Gordon, Real Analysis -- A First Course, 2nd edition.
Time and Location: MW, 3-4:15 pm, Tyler 219.
Course's Web Page: The address of this page is http://www.math.uri.edu/~bkaskosz/mth436/. You can also access it from the Mathematics Department's main page at http://www.math.uri.edu by clicking on a few obvious links. You should consult this page often for current announcements.
Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz, email: bkaskosz@math.uri.edu, tel: 874-4445, office: Tyler 218.

Final Exam: Wednesday, May 14,
3 pm - 6 pm, Tyler 219.

Current Downloads

As in MTH 435, you will find here solutions to homework problems, tips about exams etc..

Solutions to Homework 1

Solutions to Homework 2

Solutions to Homework 3

Solutions to Homework 4

Solutions to Homework 6

Solutions to Homework 7

Information About the Course

This course is a continuation of MTH 435 which we all enjoyed so much last semester. We will continue exploring the concepts of analysis using impeccable logic and savoring elegant proofs.


We shall discuss grading in class. We will decide together how many exams to have and how to schedule them.

Solutions to MTH 435 Homework

In case you want to double check a proof of some theorem from last semester, below are the solutions to the last semester's homework.