Applications of Right Triangles

Problem 1. A forester is standing 200 ft from the base of a tree. He measures that the angle of elevation from the point he is standing to the top of the tree is 39 degrees. Find the height of the tree.

(A) 257.35 ft     (B) 125 ft     (C) 722.91 ft     (D) 161.95 ft

Problem 2. A pilot flying his plane at the altitude 6,000 ft sees the airport tower. The angle of depression from the cockpit to the top of the tower is 37 degrees. What is the distance from the cockpit to the top of the tower?

(A) 4791.81 ft     (B) 9969.84 ft     (C) 3610.89 ft     (D) 7512.81 ft


MTH 111 Quizzes, B. Kaskosz and L. Pakula, 2001.