Flash as a Tool for Creating Calculus and Analysis Mathlets

Barbara Kaskosz
University of Rhode Island

This talk is related to the joint project with Doug Ensley: "Tools and training for developers of mathematics and science teaching materials in Flash" supported by NSF DUE-0535327.

Flash is a new and powerful tool for creating mathlets

Since the release of Flash MX and especially Flash MX 2004 with ActionScript 2.0, Flash makes it possible to create sophisticated mathlets with advanced functionality. For example:

Advantages of Flash

MathDL Flash Forum, a library of classes, and building a community of Flash developers

MathDL Flash Forum has been launched! Be sure to visit:

  • MathDL Flash Forum  A place for Flash developers in mathematics and sciences to find libraries of useful classes, source code, to publish their own, and to network.
  • Flash Tools for Developers: Function Grapher  An inagural article by Doug Ensley and Barbara Kaskosz at the MathDL Flash Forum. The article contains fla files, source code, templates, and a guide on how to create your own Flash 2D graphing applications. Check it out!


Other examples of Flash mathlets

More examples for Flash mathlets

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