MTH 362 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I
Section 2 Fall 2013

  • Text: Kreyszig, Topics in Advanced Engineering Mathematics,
    Custom Edition for URI (look for it at the URI Bookstore). This is a book based on a newer edition of Kreyszig (10th ed.) than the book used in previous semesters.
  • Calculators: A graphing calculator is required.
  • Instructor: Barbara Kaskosz, Lippit Hall 202J, 874.4445, Office Hours: W 4-5, F 4-6.

News and Current Announcements
Final Exam: Friday, Dec 13, 3-6 pm, in our regular classroom Bliss 205. The exam covers all sections in the syllabus except for those marked "Read only"

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Current Downloads and Information

Check this space for current downloads, information about material covered on upcoming exams etc.

For those of you who didn't have MTH 243:   Patrtial Derivatives Primer

Exams, Quizzes and Evaluation

There will be three evening exams during the semester and a comprehensive final exam. Evening exams: Exam 1: Wed, Oct 2, 6:30-8;  Exam 2: Wed, Nov 6, 6:30-8;  Exam 3: Wed, Dec 4, 6:30-8;  Rooms TBA. If any of the exams conflicts with your schedule, talk to your instructor as soon as possible. Our Final, as of now, is scheduled on Friday, Dec 13, 3-6 pm: Final Exam Schedule Fall 13.

We will have a quiz every Friday except for the first and the last week of classes and the weeks of exams.

Your grade will be based upon a possible total of 600 points, as follows:

  • Three evening exams at 100 points each -- 300 points,
  • Final exam -- 200 points,
  • Quizzes -- 100 points.

Course Objectives

This hybrid course covers topics from linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, and a few topics from complex analysis. These topics are of great importance in engineering and other applications. Our objective is to become proficient working with these mathematical concepts, so you can comfortably use them when they appear in your engineering courses.

Useful Applets

Fields of Slopes Grapher

xy-Equations Grapher

Functions Grapher


In addition to this web page, there is a Sakai site set up for our section.


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