Math 243: Calculus III, Spring 2017

Section 0004, Tuesday/Thursday 2:00-3:15 PM, Lippitt 204

Instructor: Bill Kinnersley, Lippitt 101B,

Office hours: Mondays 3-5 PM, Wednesdays 1-3 PM

Course Description and Goals

Math 243 is a third course in calculus. Topics include three-dimensional coordinate systems, vector geometry, partial derivatives, directional derivatives, extrema, Lagrange multipliers, and multiple integrals.

The main goal of Math 243 is to prepare students for advanced study in mathematics, basic sciences, or engineering. The goals of Math 243 are:


Calculus: Multivariable, 6th edition by William G. McCallum, Deborah Hughes-Hallett, et al.

ISBN: 0470888679
ISBN-13: 9780470888674

You will need a WileyPLUS access code! This comes with new copies of the textbook purchased at the bookstore; you can also buy access directly from Wiley.

Course Syllabus and Schedule

A course syllabus, including an approximate schedule for the semester, may be found here.


The course grade will be based on online homework, in-class quizzes, two midterm exams, and a final exam.

Grade Breakdown
Online homework15%
Midterm #120%
Midterm #220%
Final exam30%
Grading Scale
A93.00% and above
A-90.00% - 92.99%
B+87.00% - 89.99%
B83.00% - 86.99%
B-80.00% - 82.99%
C+77.00% - 79.99%
C73.00% - 76.99%
C-70.00% - 72.99%
D+67.00% - 69.99%
D60.00% - 66.99%
F59.99% and below


Homework for this course will be submitted through the online system WileyPLUS. WileyPLUS requires a registration code, which comes with each new copy of the textbook. If you wish to purchase a used textbook, you may also buy a registration key directly from Wiley. If you purchased the textbook last semester for use in Math 141, your registration key should still work for Math 142. You are responsible for registering for WileyPLUS in a timely fashion.

To register for WileyPlus, please follow the directions at

Please work through each homework assignment as soon as possible after the relevant lecture! If you wait until the last minute, you risk running into technical problems that may keep you from finishing on time.

Late homework submissions will be accepted for two days after the deadline at a 20% penalty, and through the end of the semester at a 50% penalty.


This class will have two midterm exams: one on Tuesday, March 7 and one on Tuesday, April 18. Both midterms will be given during the usual class time in the usual classroom.

The final exam will be given on Tuesday, May 9 from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM in the usual classroom. It will be cumulative.


The Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) provides several free resources for students, including informal individual walk-in tutoring, weekly group tutoring, and general academic coaching. For more information on what the AEC can do for you, please check out their website.

If you'd like occasional individual help but can't make it to my office hours, the AEC employs trained tutors who will be glad to explain course material and answer questions. The schedule for walk-in tutoring has not yet been determined, but it will be posted here once it's available.

Students seeking something more structured may be interested in the AEC's weekly tutoring groups. Tutoring groups are made up of 2-6 students and a trained tutor, who will meet on a weekly basis to discuss course material. This is a more structured environment than walk-in tutoring, and attendance is expected. Students who'd like to start a tutoring group should check out the AEC's website and/or this tutoring group request form.