During the Summer 2019 semester, I am teaching

(and working with a couple graduate students). A description of the course above is available by searching by course number in the URI Undergraduate Catalog. The syllabus for my class can be found by clicking on the course title above. All course announcements, documents, and resources available during the semester will be available on URI's course management system Sakai.

Regular office hours will be held for the time being on Mondays through Thursdays from 8:30 to 9:50 pm (except perhaps for on a few dates to be announced in class as they happen). Unless otherwise officially announced in class, office hours for the semester will be held in my office (101C Lippitt Hall). Please stop by to ask whatever you'd like and to share how your class is going for you.

Graduate students

I am currently advising the following students (dates indicate when they began the PhD program at URI):

To all graduate students and potential graduate students, there is a wealth of very useful and practical advice online. In particular, there are many things I cannot say any better than Professor Ravi Vakil of Stanford University--please check out his pages "For potential Ph.D. students" and "The 'Three Things' Exercise for getting things out of talks".