Refereed Papers, Proceedings, and Preprints


1.   Categories of acyclic graphs and autimorphisms of free groups,

Ph.D. Thesis, Stanford University (1997)


2.   A convolution formula for the Tutte polynomial (coauthors: V. Reiner and D.Stanton),     

Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B 76, 297-300 (1999)


3.   Combinatorial Laplacians of matroid complexes (coauthors: V. Reiner and D. Stanton),  

Journal of the American Mathematical Society 13, No. 1, 129-148 (2000)


4.   Recurrence relations for the spectrum polynomial of a matroid,

Discrete Applied Mathematics 143 (2003) 312-317


5.   A formula for an evaluation of the Tutte polynomial of a matroid,

      Discrete Mathematics 300 (2005) 235-238


6.   On the product of log-concave polynomial,

      Integers: The Electronic Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory 6 (2006), #A40


7.   The homology of the cycle matroid of a coned graph,

      European Journal of Combinatorics (2007) 734-741


8.   Edge-rooted forests and a-invariant of cone graphs,

      Discrete Applied Mathematics, Volume 155, Issue 8, (2007) 1071-1075


9.   Knowledge Transfer in a Multiple Virtual Communities Network (coauthor: S. Shin)

      Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Proceedings, 5-8 Jan. 2010,

   IEEE Computer Society 2010 (ISBN 978-0-7695-3869-3)


10.  Combinatorial Green’s function of a graph and applications to networks,

      Advances in Applied Mathematics, available online on 4 Nov. 2010


11.  The h-vector of coned graphs,

      accepted for publication in Applied Mathematics Letters


12.  Multicomplex of partially edge rooted forests, in preparation


13.  Monotone sequences for complete graphs, preprint


14.  Monotonicity of complete graphs and symmetric complete bipartite graphs, preprint



Books and Book Chapters


1. “Implications of Electronic Marketplaces in Vertical Market: The case of Korea Fishery Industry”

      Authors: Seung Kyoon Shin, Woong Kook, Jong Ho Kang, Hong Suk Jang,

      Published by Korea Maritime Institute, and funded by Korea-America Joint Research Center at   

      URI, 2008  (ISBN: 978-89-7998-371-5).


2. A chapter in “Empirical Investigation of The Effects of Korea-EU FTA on Domestic Port         

    Transportation: Network Modeling Approach”

    Authors: H.H. Kim, I.Y. Choi, S.H. Park, J.Y. Kim, Seung Kyoon Shin, Woong Kook,

    Korean Ministry of Land, Transportation, and Marine Affairs, 2009.



Entries in On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences


A057817: Rank of homology groups for cycle matroid complex for Kn (Feb. 2002)

A072962: Mobius coinvariant for complete bipartite graphs (coauthor: L. Thoma) (May 2002)

A083483: Forests with two components for complete graphs (June 2003)

A071720: Spanning trees in the graph Kn \ e (coauthors: N. Eaton and L. Thoma) (Jan. 2004)

A089104: Spanning trees in the graph Kn / e (coauthors: N. Eaton and L. Thoma) (Jan. 2004)

A000918: Edge-rooted forests in a cycle of length n (Sept. 2004)    

A100070: Forests with two components in the complete bipartite graph Kn,n (Nov. 2004)

A109808: Value of Tutte dichromatic polynomial TG(0,1) for G=P2´ Pn (n>1) (Aug. 2005)

A002817:  Coefficient of xn-3 in the shelling polynomial for the cycle matroid of Kn  (Nov. 2006)

A006235:  Complexity of Doubled Cycles (Jan. 2009)