Department of Mathematics

Spring 1999 Undergraduate Courses
MTH 107 Section 1

MTH 108 (Prof. Clark)

MTH 111 Precalculus

MTH 131 Applied Calculus I

MTH 132 Applied Calculus II

MTH 141 Calculus I

MTH 142 Calculus II

MTH 243

MTH 244 Section 2 MTH 244 Section 3

MTH 362 Section 01

MTH 438

Spring 1999 Graduate Courses

MTH 572 Advanced Numerical Analysis (Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations)

MTH 642 Advanced Partial Differential Equations

MTH 551 Mathematical Statistics This course is an introduction to mathematical statistics at the advanced calculus level. Prerequisites are advanced calculus (equivalent to MTH 435 or 437), linear algebra (MTH 215) and a course in probability (equivalent to MTH 451). No previous knowledge of statistics is assumed, though. The emphasis is on mathematical methods rather than data analysis but applications (e.g. to signal processing) will be featured. Click on link for more information.