MTH 131 Applied Calculus I 

Text: Hughes-Hallett, et. al., Applied Calculus
Calculators: A graphing calculator is required. (TI-83..86 recommended but others may be suitable too.)

EXAMS I, II, and III WILL BE HELD IN CHAFEE 271. Exam I is on 2/19
Exam I will cover through section 1.12

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Course Information



GOALS OF THIS COURSE: Math 131 is a calculus course primarily intended for students in the life or social sciences, such as Biology, Pharmacy, and Economics. It is different (but not easier) than the four-credit calculus course, Math 141, designed for students who intend to take more advanced math, such as engineering, computer science, and mathemactics majors. The main emphasis will on the practical interpretation of calculus in numerical, graphical, and algebraic terms, although important theoretical concepts will also be covered. The main topics of the course are functions, differentiation, integration and applications.

EXPECTATIONS: We expect that you will give this course 7-9 hours a week of your undivided attention, in addition to your class time. No kidding! This is an approximate figure of course, but don't assume that you can spend less time than this and still get a grade you'll like. We also expect that you will ATTEND YOUR CLASS.

Exams and Evaluation

There will be three exams given outside of class, on 2/19, 4/1, and 4/29, at 6:00-7:30 PM.   Locations will be announced in class. All sections will take these exams. The final exam will be scheduled at a common time for all sections. About 80% of the problems on the exams will be similar to problems on the assigned problems list. The remainder will require a little deeper mastery of the material.

GRADING: Your grade will be determined out of a possible of 600 points:
Three common tests, 100 points for each test
Final exam 150 points
Homework or classwork 150 points
Total 600 points