Practice Exam 3--Answers

You can find answers to odd-numbered problems from the text in the text. Here are the answers to all other problems.

3) [Maple Math]

5) (a) [Maple Math] (b) [Maple Math] (c) [Maple Math]

8) (a) Half-life is about 31 days. (b) After about 72 days there will be 10 grams left.

To solve this problem, you have to notice that the initial amount, [Maple Math] . Next, you have to find k from the equation [Maple Math] . You obtain k = 0.0223.

9) (a) 18,221 people (b) 17.32 years (c) After 22.9 years. In the end of 2012.

10) 161.73 feet. (The height is equal to 200tan(0.68).)

14) Since t is in the II quadrant, sin(t) is positive, cos(t) is negative. Solving

[Maple Math]

for cos(t), we obtain [Maple Math] . Hence, [Maple Math] , [Maple Math] , [Maple Math] .

15) Amplitude: (a) 3 (b) 2 (c) 1 Period: (a) [Maple Math] (b) 1 (c) [Maple Math]

16) (A) [Maple Math] (B) [Maple Math]