Practice Exam 2--Answers

You can find answers to odd-numbered problems from the text in the text. Here are the answers to all other problems.

2) We complete the square in terms of x and in terms of y:

[Maple Math]

That gives us

[Maple Math] .

Hence, the radius is r=5, the center is (-2,3).

3) (a) even (b) neither (c) odd (d) neither

8) (a) The discriminant [Maple Math] =25+24=49. Hence, the equation has two real distinct solutions. They are [Maple Math] =1, [Maple Math] .

(b) The discriminant [Maple Math] = 4-12=-8. Hence, the equation has two complex conjugate roots. Using the quadratic formula we obtain

[Maple Math] , [Maple Math] .

We can simplify them: [Maple Math] and [Maple Math] .

9) [Maple Math] . Since the equation [Maple Math] has roots [Maple Math] , [Maple Math] , we can factor

[Maple Math] .

11) (b) None. [Maple Math] .

12) For example, [Maple Math] .

14) # 42: [Maple Math] (x)= [Maple Math] .

16) Graph of the inverse is symmetric with respect to the line y=x. Hence, the graph of the inverse, in blue is

[Maple Plot]