Read the textbook! An important part of your mathematical education is acquiring the knack of learning mathematics on your own, from books. You may not be used to reading mathematics texts, but you will be actively encouraged to read this one. Your instructor will let you know what to read for each meeting. By reading the text before class you will have a better chance of making good use of your time in class. Don't worry if you don't understand everything. Ask questions in class and read the material again later.

Come to class! Your instructor will inform you of the attendance policy for your section.

Do the homework problems! The homework problems are the core of this course. An important purpose of the problems is to make you think through and master the ideas of the subject so that you can confidently apply your knowledge in new situations. You don't learn much from a problem you can do immediately. It is essential that you devote adequate time attempting to solve each assigned problem. Discipline yourself not to check the solution manual too quickly. While you will certainly be able to do some problems very quickly, be willing to spend an occasional half hour or more on a challenging problem. You may learn a great deal from honest hard work on a problem, even if you don't succeed in solving it. Read the text material before working on the problems.

The EXAMS will reflect the variety of the homework problems. Do not expect to be asked merely to solve homework problems with the numbers changed. The best way to prepare for the exams, and to develop confidence in your ability to solve problems, is to work on the homework problems as suggested. Your class may be slightly behind or ahead at any given time. Some problems may be done in class or as homework, as your instructor chooses.