MTH 548 - Introduction to Graph Theory - Fall 1999

Professor:     Dr. Nancy Eaton
Office:         Tyler 222
phone:         874-4439

Course Content   We will study basic concepts in combinatorial graph theory and see how graphs serve as models for many standard problems which have applications in science, business and industry.  We will use the text  Introduction to Graph Theory  by D. West, and cover much of Chapters 1 through 7.  Topics include:  Trees, Eulerian Graphs, Hamiltonian Graphs, Matchings, Connectivity, Algorithms, Network Flows, Vertex and Edge Colorings, Line Graphs, and Planar Graphs.

Goals and Expectations   I expect you to learn the standard uses of graphs as models and the fundamental theory about graphs.  This includes definitions, basic theorems, and being able to reproduce proofs of theorems.  Also, as with any math course, you will improve your problem solving skills and both oral and written communication skills.