How to use Maple worksheets in URI computer labs using Netscape

  1. Click on the appropriate link on the MTH 141 home page e.g. "Download introductory worksheet".
  2. If a dialog box opens, click to indicate that you want to Save to disk. Insert your own floppy disk in drive a: and save to this floppy disk. Alternately, if you just want to look at the worksheet, you can save to the Desktop.
  3. If a dialog box does not open, you will see a screen full of characters. Click on File and then Save. Insert your own floppy disk into drive a: and then save to a:, or alternately, save to the Desktop.

    3. Close or minimize Netscape and open Maple. You can find Maple by clicking on Start, then Programs and looking down the list.

    4. When Maple has loaded, use the Open menu choice under the File menu to open the worksheet you just saved. If you modify the worksheet and want to save it, be sure to save it on your floppy disk, with a different name. If you want to work on the worksheet later, open the new version.