Fall 1999

Text:   Applied Calculus by Hughes-Hallet, Gleason, Lock et al.

The course is continuation of MTH 131. We shall see more exciting applications of integral and differential calculus to problems in life sciences. We shall study elements of probability and differential equations. In the second part of the semester we shall study functions of more than one variable; that is multivariable calculus.

Calculators: As in MTH 131, a programmable graphing calculator is required in this course. You will be provided with necessary programs for the following types calculators: TI 81,TI 82, TI 83, TI 85, Casio fx-7700GB, Sharp EL-9200, Sharp EL-9300.

Practice Exam 1

Practice Exam 2

Practice Exam 3


Grading: Your grade will be based on three tests, a final exam, and classwork as follows:

Three tests at 100 points each 300 points 
Final exam 200 points
Classwork 100 points
Total 600 points

Tests and the final exam:  The tests will be given in the class A comprehensive final exam will be given during the final exam period. Time and place will be announced later. The exams will reflect the variety of the homework problems. Do not expect to be asked merely to solve homework problems with the numbers changed. The best way to prepare for the exams, and to develop confidence in your ability to solve problems, is to work on the homework problems as suggested. Your class may be slightly behind or ahead at any given time. Some problems may be done in class or as homework, as your instructor chooses.

Classwork: The distribution of the 100 points will be decided by your instructor. It may include homework, quizzes, class participation, etc.

Week Sections Suggested Homework Problems Exams/Events
9/08 6.1 1-4,6,7,11 
9/13 3.4 1,3,4,7,9,10 
6.2 1-3,5,6  Handout on Integration
9/20 6.5 4,5,9,12 
6.6 6,7,9,11 
9/27 7.1 2,7,9,11,12 
7.2 1,3,4,6,7,11 
10/04 7.3 3,5,6,13,17,18 
7.4 Exam 1 
10/11 7.4 (continued) 2,3,6,10,12,14,16 Handout on Series 
10/18 8.1 1,3,10,12,25,26 
8.2 1,3,11,15 
10/25 8.3 2,3,5,6 
11/01 8.4 3,6,8,14,17,31 
8.5 1,2,5,7,12,20 
11/08 9.1 3,5,8,12,18 
9.2 3,4,7,9,12,13,23,31,35  Exam 2 
11/15 9.3 4,5,6,12,14,18 
11/22 9.4 4,9-12 
9.4 3,6,8 
11/29 1.12 1,6,7 
12/06 Review Exam 3 
At each point, your class may be a little ahead of the syllabus or a little behind the syllabus.

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