FALL 2006
MTH 141 Calculus I

Text:  Hughes-Hallet,et. al., Calculus, 4th Edition
Supplement: Cheung, et. al., Getting Started with Maple
Prerequisites: MTH 111 or equivalent
Calculators: A graphing calculator is recommended.

MTH 141 News 

 Solutions to Exam 1

 Solutions to Exam 2

 Solutions to Exam 3  

REVIEW SESSION AT AEC: There will be a review session for MTH 141 on Dec. 12 at 3 PM in Quinn 211.



The final exam is on December 19, 11:30-2:30.

Sections 1, 3, and 8 (Kulenovic, Briden, Comerford) to Independence Aud,

All other sections to BISC Aud.

Schedule of tutoring hours in Learning Assistance Network

Maple Help Information

NEW! Practice graphing derivatives online!

Course Information

MTH 141 is a demanding course for students who may later be using calculus professionally. In order to succeed in the course, you will have to work systematically and hard.

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Exams and Evaluation

There will be three evening exams during the semester, common for all sections. The first exam is scheduled on Thursday, Oct. 5, 6 pm -7:30 pm, Exam 2 on Thursday, Nov. 2,  6 pm-7:30 pm, Exam 3 on Thursday, Nov.30, 6 pm-7:30 pm. Location for each section will be listed in the box above. A comprehensive final exam will be common for all sections. The time and place will be announced in the box above. Each evening exam is worth 100 points. The final exam is worth 250 points. Classwork, including quizzes, homework, and any work your instructor may assign, is worth 100 points. Your Maple assignments will be worth 50 points. As explained in the next section, Maple is a powerful mathematical software that we will use in this course.

Maple Assignments

Maple is a powerful computer algebra system that can perform the most complicated calculations and draw spectacular graphics at the touch of the button. Knowledge of software like Maple should help you in your future professional career as well as in understanding material in calculus.

There will be help with Maple available at one or more of the URI computer labs. The hours and names of people who will be helping you will be posted on this page as soon as they are scheduled. We will also set up a system that will allow you to submit your Maple homework electronically.

Maple Worksheets

Below are instructions that you may find helpful when getting started with your first Maple assignment.

Below is a list of Maple worksheets for Calculus I. Your instructor will decide and tell you which of them will be assigned as your Maple homework. If you are using Maple 10 (which you will find in the campus labs) use the links directly below. If you are using an older version of Maple, use the links to the .mws files provided further below


------------OLDER MAPLE VERSIONS -------------